Patient Advocates Lancaster

Patient Advocates Lancaster
Patient Advocates Lancaster
Anne MIller

Lancaster, Pa.

Patient Advocates Lancaster provides Registered Nurses that serve as liaisons between patients and other health care professionals who are involved in their care. A patient advocate can be the patient’s primary spokesperson to ensure that she or he receives the medical attention they need, as well as keeping them safe. Patient advocates can help improve communication between everyone. We can help review diagnoses, medical records, test results, and answer questions about treatment options. We can accompany a patient to appointments, monitor patients at the bedside in a hospital or long term care setting, or be a good choice for a healthcare proxy. You may ask “Why would I hire a private patient advocate when the hospital is giving me access to a free patient advocate or navigator?” The answer is simple. As your private advocate we have an allegiance to you and only you. Unless a patient’s advocate owes total allegiance to the patient, then the patient cannot be sure he or she is getting care or advice that is in his or her best interests.

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Patient Advocates Lancaster



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