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Patient Advocators (New York City)
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AnnMarie McIlwain
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New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, California and remainder of the U.S.

TEAM–Assisting clients throughout the U.S., we are a team of professionals (oncology advocate, RN, MPH insurance expert) who help people make well-informed decisions about their medical care and the costs.

AnnMarie is based near New York City and has staff in Miami, Washington and a network throughout the U.S.

GEOGRAPHIES–To date, we have served clients in New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Washington D.C., Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Kansas and Oregon. Outside the U.S., we have advocated for clients in Japan, China and the U.K.


*Eight of our clients are physicians, two of whom also hold PhDs. Many are nurses.

*High net worth individuals, sometimes with well-known names, to Medicaid patients whose friends or family pay for our services and everything in between.

MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS–Some of the hospitals where we have experience are Memorial Sloan Kettering, Columbia Presbyterian, New York University, Mount Sinai, Hospital For Special Surgery, Dana-Farber, Stanford University Medical Center, UCSF and Morristown Memorial.


*Facilitated quick appointments with leading oncologists and advocated for cutting-edge treatments/trials to maximize client prognosis;

*Improved the mental health of clients by identifying right-fit doctors and introducing alternative treatments. Two clients are now opioid free;

*Orchestrated the care of a client who suffered a major stroke leading to complete restoration of mobility, speech and cognitive function;

*Identified top physicians, facilitated appointments, and created strong working relationships with the staff for many clients, all of which led to better health outcomes;

*Collectively lowered insurance bills by nearly $2,000,000 for several clients.

MEDIA–Thought leader invited by the press to share our knowledge and success stories (NBC, ABC, HBO, LA Times, Washington Post, Kiplinger, etc.)

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More than 10 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
5 to 10 years
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AnnMarie is a miracle worker. She accomplished complex coordination among several specialists within hours after we had spent months trying to accomplish with no success. In today’s health care delivery and health insurance environment, patient advocators are essential. If you’re going to court, you need a lawyer. If you’re going to a hospital, you need a professional patient advocator. Cost is not the issue. Care is.

Cynthia Gaston Edmonds | September 4, 2018

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