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Patient Advocators San Francisco Bay Area
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AnnMarie McIlwain
City, State, or Location

San Francisco, remainder of California and entire U.S.

Assisting clients throughout the U.S., we are a team of professionals (oncology advocate, RN, MPH insurance expert) who help people make well-informed decisions about their medical care and its costs. Well-read blogs on proactive things you can do to maximize your health. Thought leader invited by the press to share our knowledge and success stories (NBC, ABC, HBO, LA Times, Washington Post, Kiplinger, etc.)

AnnMarie is based near New York City and has staff in Miami, Washington and a network throughout the U.S. Most of our assignments do not require being physically located near the client.

To date, we have served numerous clients in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Washington D.C., Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Kansas and Oregon. Clients outside the U.S. have included Japan, China and the U.K.

Eight of our clients are physicians, two of whom also hold PhDs. Many are nurses.

Our clients range from high net worth individuals, sometimes with well-known names, to Medicaid patients whose friends or family pay for our services.

Hospitals where we have experience are Stanford University Medical Center, UCSF, Santa Clara and St. Mary’s.

Example Accomplishments:

*Known for our cutting edge cancer treatment advocacy, we recently kept a client from dying within hours according to his UCSF oncologist, have enabled a client to “jump over” standard of care treatment and have facilitated access to promising immunotherapy trials;

*Managed the medical care of a client with a complex medical history which included direct communication with his extensive medical team at Stanford. After many years of disability, the client’s medication regimen is significantly smaller, his physical health stronger and he has returned to work on a full time basis.

*Negotiated admission to an acute rehab 12 months post a major stroke.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for
More than 10 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
5 to 10 years
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(908) 273-4043
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When I first read this listing, it was a bit hard for me to trust someone whom I never met before with my medical bills. After 2m working with AnnMarie, I’m really glad I contacted her.

Why she’s great:
– She quickly identifies bill reduction opportunities, and gives you an estimate of the chances of success
– She’s not here to charge you money, she’s here to help you. She won’t push you to pay if chances of success are slim
– She follows up and is very diligent

I didn’t know anything about the US medical system, she was able to reduce my hospital bill by $2k for a $400 fee.

Thanks a TON AnnMarie!

Romain | December 2, 2018

It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to Ann Marie for giving my adult son his life back. I had found out about Patient Advocates from a client and though it sounded like a good idea but I didn’t think I could afford one. But after years of seeing my son in terrible pain unable to get out of bed and trying to deal with hundreds of doctor appointments, I was desperate for help and decided to try the Patient Advocate program. I got on the Internet and found Ann Marie. She immediately knew I was at my wits end and that my son was in serious jeopardy. She collected his medical history, did the research and discovered that he had a rare genetic condition and that he was going to the wrong doctors. Within a short time she had connected us to the right specialists, managed and attended his appointments (by phone), and made sure he had the right health insurance. My son is now able to work, has hope for the future and is on the way to a life of his own. To say, Ann Marie saved our lives is not hyperbole, it is fact. She is a dedicated professional who cares deeply about her clients and I cannot say enough about her…she is the best.

Mary Murphy | March 16, 2018

AnneMarie Mcllwain and Patient Advocators saved my emotional and financial life! After six months of treatment for Burkitt lymphoma, I returned home to collection notices and enormous bills. Ms. Mcllwain negotiated with the hospitals as well as the insurance company on my behalf with fabulous results. She wrote a letter to the insurance company that even impressed my oncologist’s office. I highly recommend her for any anxiety you are dealing with in relation to your health bills and navigating the labyrinth of the insurance bureaucracies. I am now in remission from my cancer; Patient Advocators’ work gave peace of mind and space to continue healing.

Ruth | November 11, 2017

I actually found AnneMarie by accident. She helped us identify a Long Term Care Facility with a locked unit for dementia patients and negotiated the insurance approval – so what does that mean… here is my story.

My mom was diagnosed with early stages of Dementia. She was refusing to do anything to get help with this diagnosis, and ended up in Penn Station Newark unattended with a one way bus ticket to Pennsylvania when she was found by the local police, completely confused and no idea where she needed to be. When they contacted us, we had her admitted to Mountainside Hospital for evaluation. My mother had no savings, no property and no assets. She was living on social security and had Medicare/Medicaid. In order to avoid the hospital releasing her to her own apartment, we had them admit her to the Psychiatric Unit for further evaluation, and with the hopes that from there we could get her into a Senior Facility with a “locked unit” as she was now considered an elopement risk. The hospital was insistent that we would have one or two, at most choices of a facility that would have a Medicaid bed available, and they needed to release her asap. This is when I started to research on line patients rights, etc, more looking to find someone who could help extend her stay until we could figure something out – she could not go home alone, and we were unable to move her in with to our home with our children and our working full time. This is when I came across AnneMarie. My husband and I called her that morning, and that very same day she met us at Mountainside and had arranged a team meeting with the staff. They were still insistent that it would be hard to find a facility. Well within 24 to 48 hours, AnneMarie, had found at least four to five facilities that had Medicaid beds available. We were astatic and ready to move her out! However, as things go, it did not pan out as the Medicaid my mother had, was not institutional Medicaid which is required to be in a long term facility. My husband and I had tried to do this previously on our own, so were now telling AnnMarie, how we would not be able to get this done, I kid you not, it was near impossible to get a single person through her insurance or Medicaid to commit to telling us how to have this done! This is where again AnneMarie said leave it to me, and off she went. For the next several weeks (while my mother remained in Mountainside with endless threats from the staff that she had to leave), AnneMarie, made call after call after call, some with us on, and some on her own where she could. Finally at what seemed the last hour before they sent my mother out the door AnneMarie pulled off getting her into a facility and had the Medicaid switched over. I still can not tell you how’s it is done, but I can tell you if you need help with Medicaid/Finding a facility for your loved one that accepts Medicaid, AnneMarie is the woman to call. AnneMarie was our guardian angel just when we needed her most, I have to honestly say without her I am not sure where my mother would be today. Give her a chance for sure, you will not be disappointed I am certain!

Christine | November 11, 2017

I reading the reviews of other families I read the term “Guardian Angel” and if is possible for them to be among us in the flesh, then AnnMarie is truly was sent by some force. I too, found her by accident.

She has proved invaluable in assisting me with very difficult and complicated family matters. Being an only child I was more than used to doing it all on my own so finding someone who, instead of adding to my “to do” list, actually “did the doing”, was such a relief. Whether it was resolving issues at an assisted living facility, finding an eldercare attorney, offering emotional support, AnnMarie was there by my side. I felt relief for the first time in years. So while every families specific issues will vary, one thing I would like readers to know is that the attention and results you will get will be the same. She is unbelievable!! I would give her 50 stars if the darn site would let me!

Karen | November 11, 2017

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