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Patient Care Partners
Patient Care Partners
Debby Deutsch

Madison, WI, throughout WI and nationwide

Patient Care Partners is a group of private patient advocates. Our team consists of insurance specialists, medical billing experts, nurses, social workers and board certified patient advocates. We guide patients and families through the complexities of healthcare and insurance systems. We have found savings of more than $300,000 in patient expenses, and assisted more than 100 people in improved access to healthcare services, thus improving outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction.

Patient Care Partners can help you and your family discuss end of life decisions and document the agreement. We can also act as your representative on your Healthcare Power of Attorney, making sure your wishes are carried out.

If you are at a point where you are frustrated with your healthcare or insurance situation and just need some help, but do not know where to turn, we are here for you. Help is only a phone call away. Initial consultations are always free. Call us to see if we can help.
(608) 445-5431
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Debby helped me immensely during a very stressful time. She is calming and kind, but also extremely effective and responsive. It was so nice to have help from someone I could rely on and who knows the local healthcare and hospital systems, Medicare, etc. (Madison, WI)
Jessica | October 28, 2017

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Patient Care Partners



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