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Patient Navigation Team LLC

Andrea Alemanni, Advocate and Author
Patient Navigation Team LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name:
Andrea Cudd Alemanni
City, State, or Location:

North Carolina; Southeastern US

Patient Navigation Team (PNT) is committed to transforming clients into confident medical consumers.  Patient Navigation Team, LLC, provides science-based support as patients and their families strive to understand medical diagnoses and treatment options.  We interpret prescribing information and clinical trial results into practical knowledge which can contribute to patient understanding and compliance, leading to more desirable healthcare outcomes.  Built on twenty years of experience, PNT coaches clients to optimize communication and lower anxiety, elevating the client’s healthcare experience.  Owner, Andrea Alemanni, provides clients personalized support, whether it be a document they read to their physician or presence at appointments with client, she will empower you with knowledge and therefore confidence as you partner with your healthcare team.

Andrea Alemanni is the author of “Ava Antibody Explains Your Body and Vaccines”, a children’s book which takes its reader on a journey through the immune system before and after a vaccination.  The B cell immune response, including virus neutralization is accurately portrayed.  The reader gains a basic understanding of the immune system, including the idea of herd immunity.

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More than 5 years
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More than 5 years
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