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Patient Navigator LLC
Patient Navigator LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Elisabeth Schuler (formerly Russell)
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Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Nationwide

Patient Navigator LLC specializes in medical and clinical trial research nationwide. We also offer direct care management services in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Since 2004, Patient Navigator has helped hundreds of clients to solve problems, find resources, conquer the medical maze, design care plans, and learn how to become their own best advocates.

Our research methodology will equip you with the best, peer-reviewed medical research and treatment options for any diagnosis. Cancer clinical trial searches are one of our specialties. They are highly praised and valued by our clients. All of our research products are detailed and personalized. We communicate with top doctors, institutions, and researchers worldwide.

In Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., we work directly with clients to coordinate their medical care, find doctors, accompany to appointments, prepare questions, take notes and brief family members.

Our CEO has been trained in integrative oncology and mind-body medicine by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Mind-Body Medicine. She is a founding member and Past President of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants and a Certified Senior Advisor.

We are here for you if you've been shuttled between specialists who don't listen to you, don't speak to each other, research your problems or diagnose you correctly.

We are here for you to help with family situations often associated with a difficult diagnosis or sudden illness.

We are here to help adult children with aging parents.

We are here to provide competent and compassionate care as you journey through illness and aging.

Our team includes Elisabeth Schuler, Founder and CEO; David Schlosser, Director of Medical Research; and Leslie Sullivan, RN BSN, our nurse navigator for local Northern Virginia care services.

Together, the Patient Navigator team brings 13 years of broad, deep and compassionate experience to our clients and families. Please don't hesitate to call today.

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Phone: 703-281-4744
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The simplest way to capture my experience is this: after several years winding through a gauntlet of physicians trying to find some explanation for my chronic health problems, Elisabeth connected me with a crackerjack medical researcher who scoured my voluminous medical records and the medical research and came up with a possible answer--the right one, it turned out--almost immediately. Setting aside the incredible relief of having an answer, the sheer value of feeling heard and cared for can't possibly be expressed.
Devin from Brooklyn | February 18, 2019
Patient Navigator's services were recommended to me by a friend who recently lost her mother after a long illness and their service more than lived up to this positive reputation. Ms. Schuler Russell was extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable during the ten-month period of my father's final illness from cancer. She related well to us on both a personal and professional level and was very reassuring. She was able to provide excellent information and resources and was unfailingly kind and thoughtful. It was great to know that she could draw on the skills and technical knowledge of others in her network, which really extended and amplified the knowledge she shared with us. We were fortunate to benefit from her expertise and compassion during this difficult time. It made a huge difference to know that we had someone who could help us deal with unfamiliar and often challenging issues. I would recommend Ms. Schuler Russell and Patient Navigator very highly.
Peg in Falls Church, VA | October 30, 2017
I contacted Patient Navigator shortly after my mother was diagnosed with dementia. The learning curve felt very steep, and I was looking for guidance and assistance from a knowledgeable professional who'd been through the process before. Elisabeth at Patient Navigator helped me tremendously; she supplied me with practical advice, resources, and referrals. But, perhaps more importantly, she gave me confidence and assurance that I was doing everything possible to help my mom. Thank you, Patient Navigator!
Helen in Manhattan Beach, CA | October 30, 2017
I contacted Elisabeth Schuler Russell after my mother was diagnosed with a very rare GI disease and was in ICU getting worse. Doctors were not listening to me or giving an adequate level of care because they didn't understand this rare diagnosis. Continuing to get worse, I was frantic and wouldn't leave her side and really barely had time to research myself to find specialist. I was frantic and within 12 hours, Elisabeth already had more information about this rare disease then any doctor had for weeks. I was able to use it to prove that they needed to work harder, contact other specialist or move her. The information and help was priceless. These are real people who truly cared and were everything our medical system lacks! I will use them again if ever needed.
Gina in Auburn, CA | October 30, 2017
Most likely if you're on this site, you're like I was, frustrated and desperate. Even though I work in the medical industry and can maneuver through it with relative ease, and I'm good at research, I couldn't get anyone to address my problem of memory loss. Dave and Elisabeth were lifesavers. They researched for me when I no longer could. They got me in with doctors that I wouldn't have ever found, and most importantly they treated me like I was a real person while finally getting me the correct diagnosis. I'm certain that they saved my life. I figure at best, by myself, it would have taken me five more years to get the correct diagnosis, but most likely it would have never happened. I trusted them with my life and it paid off. These people are amazing. If you'd like to email me in order to ask me questions from the patient's perspective, you can get my address from Elisabeth, but just so you know up front, there is not one bad thing I can say about the Patient Navigator team.
Katreena in Washington, DC | October 30, 2017
Working with Leslie (and the team from Patient Navigator) was life-changing for me and my family. Leslie provided the right mix of kindness, concern and coaching for my mother who had a lifetime of misdiagnoses and pain management issues. Her ability to support my mother while holding her accountable for her own improvement was spot on. We spent years not fulling grasping what was wrong with her because all of various doctors didn't communicate with one another and my mother was too overwhelmed to manage it. Leslie was extremely organized and smart with asking questions proactively and ensuring that all the doctors were apprised of each other’s diagnoses and concerns. Leslie always provided us with a full written report after each doctor visit or visit with my mom. It was incredible. I highly recommend Leslie and Patient Navigator to anyone facing challenging medical situations.
Aaron in New Jersey and Virginia | October 30, 2017
My family and I had a great experience working with our advocate, Dave Schlosser from Patient Navigator. When the situation became an emergency he worked extremely fast searching the country for the best surgeon for my case. He then contacted and coordinated with the doctors to set up my appointments and help get the paperwork submitted to them. Throughout the whole process he was there checking in to make sure I was comfortable and getting the best care I could. Even after surgery he was confirming that I was home and resting well. All in all this was a great experience with truly caring people.
Ashlyne in Kearney, Nebraska | October 30, 2017
After my father's stroke, my mother was struggling to adapt to her new role as caregiver. They had an insurance plan and long term care so my father was able to stay at home while he recovered. Unfortunately, navigating the medical terrain was extremely difficult for my mom. In addition, heated disagreements regarding what we felt was the proper path for care erupted between family members. Having a professional advocate attend appointments with my Mom and deal with the insurance company was a godsend. All of the drama between the family members simply dissipated within a few weeks and my parents seemed to adapt quickly as the stress levels decreased. I highly recommend Patient Navigator if you are in a similar situation. It was worth every penny.
Bram in Annapolis, MD | October 30, 2017
My husband has brain cancer and did not respond to standard of care. The only option was a clinical trial, but we could not find our way through the dozens (or hundreds) of options. (And we're well educated.) Elisabeth Schuler and Dave Schlosser helped us organize the search, understand the options, and push through until we found one that -- we hope -- offers a good possibility. We would not have found it ourselves. They have excellent contacts, and are knowledgeable, professional, and kind. They helped us stay positive, as well as push forward to find treatment. We will keep them as A part of our health care team. Thank you.
Paula in Arlington, VA | October 30, 2017
Elisabeth has created a remarkable organization. Her small group of experts have improved my life in remarkable ways, saving me thousands of dollars and finding the very best medical help. Elisabeth coordinates my medical care, while offering much-needed emotional support. She has been a guiding light at a critical time in my life.
Elsa in Washington, DC | October 30, 2017
Once in a health crisis most people get the advice “you have to be your own #1 advocate.” Until you are fully immersed in the health system and a situation that requires it no one really understands the importance of that advice. Quickly the information available, professional opinions provided and systems to navigate can put someone untrained in the health industry far outside of their comfort zone. Yet you are still required to make very serious decisions that impact life and the quality of it. The Patient Navigator team gave us the confidence to make the decisions required and set our treatment direction. We have our family and a great team of doctors; for us Patient Navigator filled the last leg on the proverbial three-legged stool.
John in Leesburg, VA | October 30, 2017

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