Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: SANDY THIGPEN
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PERSONAL SENIOR ADVOCATES is located in Huntington Beach, CA. Our service area includes L.A., O.C., and San Diego counties. Also available for teleconference as well.

Do you have an elderly family member that is experiencing a health crisis and you can't be there?  Retaining the services of a Private Patient Advocate will provide you with the peace of mind that a trained, seasoned professional will be there to ensure your family member is treated with respect and understands their rights as a patient.  Once PSA arrives,  you will have an open line of communication with your family member and the health professionals treating them. These timely updates are priceless in a crisis.

Perhaps you have a family member in a Skilled Nursing Facility.  Do you have concerns regarding the quality of care they are receiving? Is there a pending discharge that is moving too quickly? Personal Senior Advocates can help.

Adult children of aging parents face the the daunting challenge of managing careers and caring for their families.  They need to know that if they can't be there when there parent has a health crisis, that an experienced professional that understands how the medical system works and is ready to be there for their them.

Our Healthcare Care system can be a challenge when managing routine care.  It becomes especially difficult with the added stress of a health care emergency.

If you have a family member experiencing a health crisis, CALL US TODAY!  Our staff will promptly return your call and work with you identify the challenges you are currently facing and let you know how we can help.

Whatever your situation-  PSA is there.  With an extensive network of vetted professionals, PSA has the solution you're looking for.  If you believe Seniors deserve to receive patient centered care, call PSA today for a free consult. SAFE SENIORS. INFORMED FAMILIES.

Phone: 714-845-3442
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We are so grateful for Personal Senior Advocates. The agency fills a roll that everyone will need sooner or later: having an advocate who reviews your medical history and talks with you to understand your desires, and then advocates to make sure the best care is given and those desires are honored. In our case Sandy helped my mom regain her independence and her dignity and then live the way she had always wanted. We will be forever grateful to Sandy and Personal Senior Advocates.
Jeannie | September 19, 2019
After my sister suffered a traumatic brain injury and was completely incapacitated, we were overwhelmed with insurance issues and making sure my sister was receiving the proper care and treatment. Through a friend’s suggestion, Sandy came into our lives and started overseeing all aspects of my sister’s care. I’m not overstating when I say she saved my sanity! With her years of experience in the healthcare industry, she knew exactly how to communicate to medical staff, what to monitor in my sister’s care, and how to handle insurance issues. She stays on top of everything for us and allows us to just focus on spending time with my sister. Sandy does it all with a kind smile and loving heart and knows how to go to battle against insurance or medical institutions on my sister’s behalf with a firm but gracious demeanor. While this is a difficult time for my sister and family, Sandy is the answer to our prayers.
Cathy | July 26, 2019
Sandy is a miracle worker. She has helped insure the very best care possible for my loved one since her stroke in late December. She asks all the right questions and gets all the answers, things I wouldn't even think of asking, or things I would forget to ask in my fog of stress, worry and cognitive overload. Thank God we have a sister who found Sandy and was able to contract her for us. Like my friend Jane told me today, having Sandy is like having our own personal ombudsman. We serviceswould have been lost without her in these critical weeks. I'm so greatful!
Beverly | March 18, 2018
My family found Sandy during a very difficult situation. My brother was about to be forcibly discharged from a long hospital stay as he fights cancer. The hospital staff were not setting up a safe discharge and his various doctors were fighting one another. He is still very sick and the social workers/case managers couldn't as much as prepare his prescriptions, order the needed equipment, home health care, food (since he is still eating through a tube), etc. Since I live on the east coast it is left to my 70 year old Mom to figure the mess of insurance appeals, the drugs he needs, etc. Then came Sandy. I called her Thursday night and she was in his room Friday morning. She immediately brought order in a professional, calm and engaging manner. She kept me updated throughout and my family repeatedly called and texted me to say what wonders she was working. We are all very grateful to have found her and will continue to call on her assistance while my brother is healing.
Marc in Alexandria, VA | February 19, 2018
We called Sandy when we were desperate with no idea what to do next. Our father went to ICU with a minor stroke. He was completely fine as far as talking, eating, walking, etc. His doctor wanted to give him a swallowing test because swallowing started getting harder. He was on NPO which meant no food or drink. A nurse gave him a drink, he choked, and it stopped his heart. They brought him back to life but he was never the same and things kept getting worse. They wanted to place him in an acute care facility when he didn't seem even close to ready to go to. Desperate we called Sandy and she immediately jumped into action. She was extremely knowledgeable about hospital and insurance protocol. Within hours she stopped the transfer and made sure our father was getting the best care possible. Our emotions were all over the place, the hospital wasn't giving us information, we weren't even sure what to ask, and we were afraid we weren't getting our father the best care we could under the circumstances. Sandy handle everything for us and so quickly. She was there with answers and intervention within a moments notice. I really don't know what we would have done without her. I only wish we had hired her the minute he entered the hospital. She will be my first call the second a loved one enters the medical system in the future! Thank you so much Sandy.
Janice in Cypress, CA | November 6, 2017
We appreciated Sandy's kindness and care for my parents, when we couldn’t be there and even when we could. How much does peace of mind cost.. it’s priceless for me and my sister as well. Sandy's soft demeanor and patience with them and endless knowledge of how aging/ medical care works, and her finesse when navigating the darker corners is so impressive and appreciated.
Meredith in Lailua, Hawaii | November 6, 2017
We became involved in our uncle's health situation very late and Sandy has been extremely helpful in assisting us to get our bearings and navigate the healthcare system in order to ensure that he is receiving the care that is right for him. She is compassionate and professional and we're grateful for her focus on working with our uncle's health care team to get everyone moving in the same direction on his care.
Brad in Suasalito | November 6, 2017
We were introduced to Sandy via the Scleroderma foundation during only days before my mother would suddenly be released after a lengthy hospital stay. After being told she would be there a few more weeks, we were blind-sided. Immediatley Sandy came in and assumed control of the situation. Her experience, care, and attention to detail turned a stressful, critical situation into one of seamlessness. Sandy is an indispensable asset for any family who is not familiar with the bureaucracy of the hospital/medical system. In a word, she is exceptional. Sandy will remain our advocate moving forward.
Jordan in Los Angeles | October 28, 2017

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