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Personalized Healthcare Advocacy
Personalized Healthcare Advocacy
Karen Leitson, RN, MPH, MS

New York City Metropolitan area and nationwide

When you or a loved one faces an illness or a troubling medical question, navigating the healthcare system can be a significant challenge.  From understanding a diagnosis to finding the most appropriate provider, from untangling complicated medical information to choosing a treatment option, a healthcare advocate may be able to help you.  With over thirty years of professional and personal experience addressing these kinds of questions, I know how to navigate the medical system. I can assist you and your family in making your own decisions about how to manage your medical issues.

I am a registered nurse with master's degrees in public health and bioethics.  I have directed health clinics housed in major hospitals, enabled patients to access the health care they need, and – perhaps most importantly – helped friends and family members manage life threatening illnesses.  I know how it feels to face a distressing health problem.

Please e-mail me at  or call me at 914 907-0444 if you’re interested in learning more about how we can work together.

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  • Personalized Healthcare Advocacy
  • Personalized Healthcare Advocacy
  • Personalized Healthcare Advocacy


When I decided to look for assistance  to help my mom make treatment changes and seek alternative options for her end stage cancer,  Karen was the first person I came in contact with. From the first conversation I had with Karen I felt comfortable and confident that she had my mother's best interest at heart. Karen asked the questions my mom and stepdad didn't think of at doctor's appointments and was insistant with medical staff when my mom and stepdad didn't know they should be. She made it clear to medical staff that my mother's requests were going to be considered and properly responded to. My mom's final month was made more bearable due in large part to all of Karen's assistance. Because I live out of state, I've only spoken with Karen over the phone and I'm so grateful that  my first contact with a patient advocate was with a caring, honest and dedicated professional. Thanks so much Karen.
Adele Rashid | January 19, 2019
Karen was a wonderful advocate. She helped me procure 80 pages of psychiatric medical records from a New York City hospital. The records were 14 years old, and it was a struggle - but she knew exactly how to navigate the hospital bureaucracy. She charged a fair rate and kept me updated regularly. I couldn't recommend her more.
Michael Simonson | January 8, 2019
I am a practicing internist and take care of many patients with complex medical conditions. I've known Karen for many years. Her training in nursing, public health, and bioethics combined with her years of personal experience interacting with the health care system give her a unique foundation from which to help people trying to navigate what can at times be an overwhelmingly complicated maze. She brings a strong medical knowledge base, a creative problem solving approach, a determination to leave no stone unturned when searching for a solution, and a kind and compassionate heart - all of which make her able to hear each individual's story and wishes and achieve optimal personalized outcomes. I have had multiple opportunities to observe Karen's approach when dealing with the medical system and can say with total confidence that any one of my patients would be very fortunate to have her in their court as their professional health care advocate.
Pamela Strauss, MD | January 3, 2019

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Personalized Healthcare Advocacy



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