Phillips Healthcare Advocate

Phillips Healthcare Advocate
Phillips Healthcare Advocate
Gail Phillips, RN, CNM, APRN, MS

Massachusetts and New England as well as Bergen County, NJ


After a well-seasoned and rewarding career as a Healthcare Provider, where I provided compassionate, patient-centered healthcare to clients and their families, my present mission is to facilitate person-centered healthcare advocacy for the best possible outcome with my client's individual health challenge. I believe my  experience as an advocacy-centered healthcare provider had a significant impact on my clients and their families, as well as the culture of health care today.

For more than two decades, I worked as a policy and organizational advocate with the Boston-based, non-profit,Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI).

During my tenure at CHI, with its evidenced-based model of group care and improved outcomes, I developed my skills as a Group Facilitation Consultant. I also coached other Healthcare providers to learn and implement this model of group care into their practices and healthcare systems. My own work with facilitating “Centering Groups”  was “advocacy-in-action” which resulted in women and their families being highly satisfied, informed and empowered.

In addition to my experience in the Healthcare System and The Centering Healthcare Organization, I successfully advocated for family, friends, and others in my personal network, all of which led me to eventually establish the independent practice of Phillips Healthcare Advocate.

I am pleased to share my passion and expertise for helping and coaching clients to receive the best possible person centered healthcare in a complex, challenging and changing healthcare system.

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Phillips Healthcare Advocate



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