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Proactive Health Advocates, LLC

Sherri J. Miller, BSN, RN, MBA, BCPA
Proactive Health Advocates, LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Sherri J. Miller, BSN, RN, MBA, BCPA
City, State, or Location:

Richmond, Virginia and surrounding Areas: Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield, Richmond, Ashland, New Kent, Midlothian, King William, Goochland, Glen Allen, Short Pump. Please call for additional information (804) 904-9184

Are you or a loved one feeling anxious, scared, exhausted by or overwhelmed with a new diagnosis? ongoing health challenges? understanding the medical jargon? coordinating appointments? trying to provide care for loved ones, maybe from a distance? Proactive Health Advocates is here for you.

We are Registered Nurse Private Health Advocates helping individuals, families, and adults trying to care for their loved ones, whether nearby or far away, navigate our complex healthcare system. We offer individualized health navigation, advocacy and support services, allowing you to focus on your health and providing you with peace of mind.

We are with you to:

  • Coordinate and attend Doctor’s appointments to ensure you are prepared and  understand, and are empowered to have input into your care
  • Advocate for you in the ER and/or Hospital (including but not limited to: HCA – Henrico Doctors, Chippenham, Parham Doctors, Johnston-Willis, Retreat; Bon Secours – St. Mary’s, Memorial Regional, St. Francis, Richmond Community; VCUHS – MCV, Children’s Hospital of Richmond)
  • Keep family/others you choose updated on your health status and actions taken
  • Research treatment options and/or guide you in seeking a second opinion
  • Provide guidance and options for transitioning to the best setting for the care you need
  • Provide other services as needed

Your health, or the health of your loved one, is our top priority. Contact us today for your no cost, 20 minute, initial consultation.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: 2 to 5 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
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Phone: (804) 904-9184
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Testimonial for Proactive Health Proactive Health and Sherri have been life savers for my family! My father fell ill in November of 2019 and he kept going back and forth to the hospital and doctor and getting different diagnoses and never getting better. He was having a hard time advocating for himself with the pain he was in from damage to his back along with a complex array of other issues. On a final trip out of three hospital discharged him to a skilled nursing facility where he seemed to only decline. I am his only child who lives out of state and his wife (my mother) is bed bound and had to live at a nursing home while all this happened. My wonderful best friend was visiting my father regularly and seeing things that just were not quite right happen and thought that his continued decline in health may have been due to the fact that he had multiple issues that the home was not addressing- they were only focused on physical therapy and were not paying attention to much else. I was in a situation where I had gone back to school to retrain as my job had taken me from full time to part time, and I had exhausted my time off for a bit. I was struggling to figure out what to do. The communication needed with the skilled nursing facility was beyond what friends could do, what I could do over the phone, or what his financial and general assistants could do. We all knew he needed some sort of medical advocate. I did a search for “patient advocate” in the area and found the Proactive Health website. I sent it over for my uncle to look at; being an economist he’s got a good mind for this type of stuff and he said we should talk to this company and see what they could do. I spoke with Sherri and she asked detailed questions and I could tell was passionate about what she does. I hired her and had her meet with my best friend who is the daughter of a nurse and has worked in adult homes for special needs children and a good judge of character and she was blown away. Sherri talked to the home and help to customize my father’s physical therapy and carefully monitored him. When he was discharged to assisted living she advocated for him when some nurses were unkind to him about his skin condition and went with him to see the doctor and get blood work done and reported back to me in detail what was going on at all times. I was able to visit my father for a week recently and got to meet Sherri and around that time my father started having low blood pressure. The assisted living facility were monitoring him but not taking me seriously when I said that this was very odd for him and Sherri stepped in along with my father’s physical therapist and pushed for him to go to VCU Health ER. I am so happy she did this. He finally got the right set of eyes on him. They discovered with the help of Sherri, her insights from his medical records she had obtained were critical to them evaluating him properly, that his doctor had been giving my father prednisone for far too long and it affected his entire body. He is now on the mend at a great new rehab facility and Sherri was with him every step of the way untangling a web of diagnoses. My vet once said to me “age in itself is not a disease” and I took that to heart. Just because one grows older does not mean they should be looked at as hopeless. My dad is now looking at a whole new life thanks to Sherri and the VCU Health team and is happier than ever. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her more highly. I have been able to sleep at night with her on the case! Sherri is still working for us and has been invaluable for managing my father’s care during the Covid 19 crisis. He tripped and fell and fractured his neck right after the crisis began and was sent to a new hospital and it would have been a nightmare to manage his complex needs without Sherri’s communications with the hospital staff. She has also managed his appointments well with his doctors and helped him download applications and software to enable teledoctor appointments. In addition to all of the assistance she has given us for his physical health she has also helped him greatly with mental health issues. She does not judge; she offers a professional hand. My father has a hoarding syndrome common in seniors called “senior squalor” and she has been overseeing him overcome this disability in a kind yet stern way making sure he understands that being at least somewhat organized and having good personal hygiene is important in the bigger picture. I am so grateful to her and cannot recommend her enough if you are out of town and caring for a parent, or even in town and have too much on your plate, or perhaps your parent or loved one will not listen to you. A professional third party is a huge blessing in communication especially when advocating with doctors, nurses and senior living facilities.
Elizabeth Martinez | April 20, 2020
Where do I begin to express my appreciation for all the assistance Sherri Miller of Proactive Health Advocates gave me during a very challenging time in my life. Her medical expertise coupled with her compassion, empathy and desire to help individuals going through a medical crisis makes her a rare find. She demonstrated her superior problem solving skills time and time again by addressing obstacles head on while maintaining her professional composure. Sherri Miller knows how to handle every phase of the medical care industry from A-Z. She assisted me with understanding medical diagnoses, interpretation of labs and gave me the answers to endless medical questions. Sherri Miller asked the questions that I never would have known to ask the doctors. She is resourceful and knows how to navigate the health care system in order to get the task at hand completed in a very professional and timely manner. She is without doubt the Medical Advocate you want by your side and will prove to be invaluable to anyone in need of a healthcare advocate! I highly recommend her and Proactive Health Advocates. I’m forever grateful for her services!
Carrie Daichman | February 26, 2020

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