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Kim Acosta, BSN, RN
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Greater Los Angeles Area and Nationwide

Do you feel overwhelmed managing your own or a loved one’s healthcare?

Are you confused about what to do next, who to talk to or what questions to ask?

A Healthcare Advocate Can Help

At Professional Healthcare Advocates, we have the
to guide you through the turbulent waters of the healthcare system.

As a a Registered Nurse with years of hands-on perinatal, home health and hospice experience, I founded Professional Healthcare Advocates to address the dangerous gaps that exist in our healthcare system. We offer individualized patient advocacy, guidance and support through all stages of yours, or your loved one’s healthcare journey. Our services include:

• care coordination with multiple providers

• communication with providers

• obtaining and organizing medical records

• performing a review of medications

• accompanying you to appointments

• explaining diagnosis and care plans

• arranging for in-home care

• coordinating hospice care

• providing perinatal support and referrals

• arranging for second opinions

• providing research options

• locating clinical trials

• medical bill review and assistance

• and so much more!

We use state of the art technology, and as our client, you will have access to having an online portal where you can view the details of your case, follow progress, and communicate with family members.

We have an extensive network of healthcare providers and facilities, and those who work for us are professionals with appropriate licenses. References are always available upon request.

We are located in the greater Los Angeles area, but can easily work with you remotely to provide many of these services.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
Up to 2 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for
More than 10 years
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Kim has been such a huge blessing to our family. I was feeling so overwhelmed caregiving for my elderly mother in law.  First & foremost her care & compassion is second to none. She wants the absolute best for everyone.

She is such a wealth of knowledge. For example, when Covid hit & things shut down, we were all nervous to take mom out to get any blood work or x-rays done. She informed me that there were services that could come to the home for both. Best of all they were fully covered by insurance. It has been so nice to not have to wait hours at an office just to get her an x-ray or blood work. Not to mention how much safer is is for her to not have to go out to get these things done as she’s so weak & immunocompromised.

Thank you Kim from the bottom of our hearts. Your vast knowledge of providers combined with your kind care & compassion does not go unnoticed.

Stephanie Yi | June 13, 2022

I have been ill with a rare autoimmune disease for approximately 30 sum years, this connective tissue disease affects parts of the body that connect the structures of the body together. Long story short, I am now in great hands. I wish I would have known about advocate’s years ago. No more disappointments with misunderstanding as to what my doctors are telling me, my advocate clarifies everything to me and it is without a doubt a big improvement with my stress. My advocate Kim has given me the best assistance in getting my health in a better place. She has assisted me with excellent physician referrals along with the assistance of proper questions to address regarding my health. She is always there when needed with the upmost professionalism. Today I can say I feel so much better ~
I am happy to say “Thank you to my Special RN Advocate Kim Acosta” for I feel like a new and better me.

Leticia Coffman | February 14, 2022

My mother fell ill recently in an occupational therapy home and was sent to a nearby hospital. I was unable to make informed medical decisions for her after multiple calls were not returned by the hospital staff, asking for updates about her condition and prognosis. A good friend referred me to Kim, and within a couple hours of speaking with her, She had a full report of my mom’s health and a visit approved by the hospital.
Kim was KEY in getting information from doctors and nurses, taking SO MUCH stress off my family’s plate, allowing us to focus on my mom and ourselves. I also found that Doctors and medical LOVE to talk to her because she’s professional, she knows her stuff, and she speakers their language. My family would have been completely lost and devastated by her terminal prognosis had we not hired her to help navigate and weigh my mom’s options. Sometimes I wonder if my mom would still be around if I had asked for Kim’s help at the beginning of my mom’s medical issues months ago, but I can honestly say I’m at peace with my mother’s passing BECAUSE of Kim. We were able to make an informed decision to bring my mom home with hospice because of Kim’s knowledge and service to us. She showed my mom and my family compassion while giving us the answers to all our questions. She also helped make all the hospice arrangements FOR us so we could rest and focus on my mom. Money cannot buy that peace of mind. It’s a true gift she gave us!
I refer all my family and colleagues to her because I know how much her service will truly take off their plate, which will allow them to focus on more meaningful things. Thank you, Kim!

Amy Bartlett | June 29, 2021

Kim has been working with me to develop a team and other resources for an elderly family member with dementia and two other chronic medical issues. I live on the East Coast, so it’s crucial to have authoritative, excellent, and insightful help close to our patient. Kim is attentive, kind, quick, aware, good-natured, encouraging–Exactly the sort of person you can trust with the people most important to you.

Day-to-day, I know Kim is keeping track of key information, records, and medical relationships. The best thing of all is the help she has given us with locating caregivers. From a home healthcare phlebotomist to a physical therapist, Kim always seems to know. She’s one of the Best People, and she knows how to find all the other Best People. Kim has been completely, utterly, massively valuable to keeping our person healthy–I’m very grateful to have her on our team.

Alison Siewert | May 17, 2021

Medical care in this country is so complicated especially when you have a complex illness; insurance, multiple doctors that don’t share records or systems, mounds of paperwork that are written in a language I don’t understand, ever-changing medication lists and then on top of that aging parents that have complex health care needs. Whew! I just couldn’t do it alone and looking back I cannot imagine not having Kim as a resource. She has been there to wade through the small things and the big things and you just don’t realize how heavy they all are until they are lifted from your plate. I’m so grateful to have someone in my court who has this huge level of knowledge and resources but is also incredibly compassionate. I’m so thankful for Kim and could not imagine this journey without her.

Jennifer Thomas | May 12, 2021

I have seen Kim first hand give
patients an extremely high level of care and attention. Her skill in coordinating the right professionals for each patient, and overseeing that they get the high level of care they deserve is amazing! I recommend her to all those who are seeking the highest level care possible for themselves or their family.

Tim Hennings | May 11, 2021

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