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Patient Advocators

New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, California and remainder of the U.S.

Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: AnnMarie McIlwain

Our team (nurse, oncology, insurance) is known for highly personalized advocacy that gets results, especially with cancer and mental health. Based near New York City with clients across the US.

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Wasatch Patient Advocates

Salt Lake City, Utah, Greater Wasatch Front, Park City, Utah

Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Leslie Crandall

Leslie Crandall provides medical navigation and patient advocacy for clients experiencing health challenges. Leslie also provides Elder Care Services supporting seniors through their final years.

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Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group®

For in person services, metro Atlanta, GA. All services can be delivered nationwide.

Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Cindi Gatton

We provide comprehensive care and cost of care healthcare navigation serving patients and their families with both face to face, and telephonic/Skype/Facetime consultation.

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Beyond Patient LLC

Rochester, New York, Upstate New York

Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Holly Williamson

I serve clients in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. I can help navigate the confusing health care world and help reduce the risk of medical errors. My experience and expertise is in oncology.

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Tennessee Health Advocates LLC

Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas, some services are available nationwide with the utilization of video/telephone conferencing.

Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Nicole Broadhurst

Bringing the many pieces of healthcare together can be a brain-teaser. Let's sort them out together and create a beautiful experience for you and your family.

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