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Reside in Laguna Beach, CA; serve California and nationwide

Sharon Stevenson, DVM PhD

Particularly interested in helping with complicated medical issues and end of life choices, not only deciding what a client wants, but getting that from the medical system. Work locally and remotely.

Donna Seibert, M.D.

Greater Boston, North Shore of Boston area including Ipswich, Newburyport, Hamilton, Wenham, Topsfield, Boxford, Manchester

Donna Seibert, M.D.

Dr. Donna uses her expertise to give families peace of mind as they confront a new diagnosis, treatment options or situations. Navigate the healthcare system with confidence for better patient results

Blessed Advocacy of Orlando, LLC

Central Florida

Tammy Krack

Blessed Advocacy, is focused on helping clients in the Central FL area to alleviate the stress, anxiety and confusion in navigating the healthcare system.

Lundberg Health Advocates, LLC

Boston, MA area and nationwide

Brita Lundberg, MD

At times of unexpected or complex illness, we help you figure out what is happening, why it's happening and what your options are.

Nicole Christensen

New York State Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, and Eastern Queens

Nicole Christensen

Our clients are those diagnosed with a chronic or catastrophic illness and need assistance navigating the health care system. We are your patient advocates and care coordinators on Long Island & NYC.

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