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Rae E. Drazin, Ph.D., Patient Advocate

Rae E. Drazin, Ph.D., Patient Advocate
Rae E. Drazin, Ph.D., Patient Advocate
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Rae E. Drazin, Ph.D.
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Los Angeles, California

With a Ph.D. in microbiology, I am a former cancer researcher, university professor and consultant to medical device and pharma industries. This unique background provides me with the scientific expertise necessary to assist individuals with serious medical issues–to understand their diagnosis, to ask the right questions during doctor appointments, and to research treatment options. Many of my clients are individuals who have recently been diagnosed with a serious illness and feel overwhelmed by the intricacies of the current medical climate. My client base also includes senior citizens who are dealing with chronic illnesses, often without local family support. I provide the liaison between the family, the patient, and the patient’s providers. Along with my own scientific knowledge, I have an extensive network of medical resources in the Los Angeles community, with whom I consult when necessary. I often help my clients to identify the providers that will provide them with the best medical care.

Patient advocacy is my passion, and my goals are to provide education, support, and empowerment for my clients. I combine knowledge with compassion to be the most effective advocate.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
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Phone: 310-968-0404
Advocate's Rating: (6)
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When I got a pinched nerve in my neck, I was in great pain and fear. I was getting a run-around from various doctors until finally I found Rae. She got me in to see the head of neurosurgery at a leading university hospital, and she went with me to make sure that everything was clear. She sent me a summary of the appointment and suggested next steps. She stuck with me as long as I needed her and was a great source of support.
Janet Maker, Ph.D. | February 14, 2020
When a member of my family was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer I sought out Dr. Drazin to assist us. She was a tremendous asset to us, helping us navigate the maze of doctors, treatments, and hospitals. Her knowledge and experience were invaluable, and her compassion and honesty were great gifts to us. We are extremely grateful for all her assistance.
Armando | November 28, 2017
A diagnosis of breast cancer in January 2012 was a shock to me as an individual who had been fortunate enough not to have had to deal with many medical problems. Rae became my "go to" person for help in navigating a sometimes very confusing medical system. She was able to clarify and interpret terms and information needed to make good treatment choices. Throughout my treatment Rae checked in with me every day, providing support that was very much needed and appreciated. Rae's professional knowledge, good common sense, and compassion eased my way through a very difficult time. I believe she would be of great help to anyone no matter what the medical condition or how complex the issues. -Barbara W.
Barbara | October 17, 2017
Dr Drazin is the person you want by your side when faced with major health issues. I have known her for many years and experienced first hand her ability to understand complicated medical situations, sort through seemingly conflicting data and simplify the choices. Her compassion, scientific training, dedication and life experiences make her an invaluable advocate.
Judith | October 16, 2017
It has always been a pleasure for patients to have a dedicated advocate present at patient visits. As a physician, it is not rare to have patients come to appointments alone without support especially when discussing very complicated treatments and conditions. Rae is a very effective patient advocate, taking the role of "family member" or support team member when patients have no one else available. She is definitely persistent and gets the information necessary to help her patients. There are always questions that patients never think of. Rae doesn't ever forget! I have referred many patients for her services and they only have praise.
Dr. D | October 16, 2017
I have been working with Rae for almost two years with her entering a time in my life of medical chaos- hospitalizations, multiple medical issues, need for rehab and many doctor visits. She has assisted in successfully addressing my medical issues and medications in dialog with my doctors. She has also made certain that my long-term care insurance company provided me with the needed services at the appropriate time. I’ve come to rely on her expertise with appreciation.
Natalie | October 11, 2017

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