ReAssured Advocacy

ReAssured Advocacy
ReAssured Advocacy
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Cindy and Don Rigot
City, State, or Location:

Denver, Colorado metro area

Who do we help?

  • Out-of-town family who need help managing the care of an aging parent long distance
  • Patients needing help understanding and navigating the system
  • Patients undergoing treatment who are too ill or overwhelmed to handle all the details
  • Patients who need help finding a specialist, getting a second opinion or researching treatment options
  • Patients and families who need help researching housing options
  • Patients with complex and/or serious medical diagnoses
  • Individuals without family that need help overseeing and coordinating care and services on a long-term basis.

How do our clients benefit?

  • We attend appointments with patients, provide written summaries for patient and family/caregiversto assure care quality and continuity.
  • We facilitate open communication between patient, medical providers and insurance providers to minimize miscommunication and increase efficiency.
  • We assist with pre-appointment planning by working with patient and family to develop a list of questions and concerns for physicians.
  • We accompany patients to the hospital ER when a family member is out of town or unavailable to assure they receive timely attention.
  • We coordinate appointments, home care, testing and transportation for the patient to ease the stress on family and friends.
  • We communicate with family members/caregivers regarding medical appointments, treatments and other issues important to the patient.
  • We research diagnoses, treatment options, second opinions and housing options,to enable patients and families to make well-informed decisions.
  • We assist with medication coordination, making sure physicians are aware of prescribed medications, that the patient understands his/her prescription and, if needed, coordinate services to administer medications for greater safety.
For More Information:
Phone: 303-756-8436
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