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Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates

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Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates
Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Jim Best
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Los Angeles, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Nationwide

Dear patients and family members,

I have lots of personal experience with cancer.  Too many times, I have listened to my family members’ fearful sentiments after being diagnosed:

I like my oncologist but is this the best one?

I have good coverage, but I'm still terrified of surprise bills.

Is this really my only treatment option?

Why is there a two month wait to start my treatment?

My insurance is so confusing.

I became board certified in patient advocacy and certified in oncology patient navigation to help patients manage these challenges. (You can think of me as your personal cancer consultant or cancer navigator).  Although there are a thousand or more independent patient advocacy businesses, I know of only two others that exclusively deal with cancer, perhaps because it is so complex.

The American healthcare system is slow, confusing and expensive. You and I will overcome these challenges by optimizing the healthcare system into what it should be.

Four grandparents, my father and stepfather have had the disease.  I had a cancer scare in 2019.  I know how frightened you feel, so my guiding principle is to treat you as if you were a part of my own family.

Please visit my website at or call me now at 424-272-0535.  Alternatively, you can email with any inquiries.

I will help you reclaim serenity during this difficult time.


Jim Best, MBA, BCPA, OPN

Founder and CEO

Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates


Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: Up to 2 years
For More Information:
Phone: 424-272-0535
Advocate's Rating: (3)
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  • Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates
  • Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates


We have used Jim's services from the time of the initial diagnosis of my husband's cancer illness through 3 months post-treatment when we received the best news we could hope and pray for ..... no evidence of cancer on the PET scan! Reflecting on this journey, remembering the team of doctors, nurses and PA's directly involved in my husband's treatment, I marvel at Jim's integrity, guidance, advocacy and support as the essential voice of reason and calm throughout a complex, emotional mystery. Jim was a key player on our team; I don't believe we could have fought the fight and won the battle without the benefit of his intuition and knowledge. As the primary caregiver, when I had questions or raised concerns, Jim was highly responsive and spoke to me using words and analogies that I could easily understand - even the behavioral implications of the opiates my husband needed for pain management, the detox process and what to expect with withdrawals, etc. During a crisis when my husband had to be hospitalized for nearly a week, Jim coached me to be assertive enough to insist on what my husband needed, while not alienating the extremely busy medical professionals caring for him. My husband and I have been blessed with excellent health until the big C entered our lives - hospitals are VERY different than when I was having babies 40+ years ago. Without Jim's direction, managing the stresses and unknowns associated with my husband's hospital stay might have landed me in the hospital - likely in a psych ward! Our association with Jim benefited me as much as my husband and I highly recommend Jim for anyone needing guidance and support through cancer.
Vicki McIntyre | May 20, 2020
Jim has been instrumental in his ability to help me navigate the complicated medical system in our country. As I considered switching my insurance plan during open enrollment to best support my medical needs, Jim gave me tips to consider for each plan and what to look out for before signing up. Once that was complete, he consulted with others in the medical field and came back to me with four of the top specialists in the state that he would recommend. Throughout it all, Jim's approach is a combination of intelligent discussion about potential solutions with an empathetic ear to ground the dialogue in the humanity of this work.
Scott Cody | May 18, 2020
With the shock of my cancer diagnosis, I knew we needed some guidance and support with finding the best doctors and best treatment plan for me, in hopes of the best possible outcome. Mr. Best researched and found the best qualified radiation oncologist and lead oncologist who are subject matter experts for my specific strain of oral-pharyngeal cancer. Jim advocated for me in convincing the lead oncologist to take my case, and then worked with the gatekeepers to schedule my treatments to begin after about a week, rather than a month, which was the normal lead time to get started. Jim attended initial consultations with oncologists and asked important questions that my wife and I would never have thought of. Mr. Best's knowledge and experience came forth time and time again in the highly relevant questions he would ask the doctors regarding treatment progress, procedures and likelihood of various possible outcomes - all of this was invaluable for us to best understand what to expect and to remain motivated and encouraged to persevere through the most difficult time of my life, and I did two tours in Vietnam as a US Marine. I truly believe that had it not been for Jim's initiative, experience, compassion and support, and ability to navigate the health care system professionally, my cancer treatment experience would have been like progressing through a dark tunnel, doing what I was told to do, without understanding, and without the confidence that we had some control over the process and the best opportunity for a favorable outcome. Jim's oversight of my case ensured that we were fully informed and comfortable with everything going on - we are forever grateful to Jim for his guidance and support.
Todd McIntyre | May 18, 2020

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Listing Title: Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates

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