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Patient Best, LLC

Florida, New York, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, CT, MA, CA, Illinois, Maryland and rest of USA
Naples, FL

Suzanne Fiscella

You are frustrated with doctors who do not listen, insurance which does not care, and no one to give you answers. Patient Best Advocates have the expertise to handle your needs and the heart to help.

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C. Cleary Cusick

Westchester County NY
Fairfield County Conneticut
Tri State Area

Carol Cusick

Carol works with the patient, family, physicians, caregivers & insurance companies to ensure a comprehensive high level of care. She is known for personal care & favorable outcomes in difficult times.

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Lora McCann, BCPA, Owner

Southern part of Florida. South of Tampa, from West Coast to East Coast

Lora McCann

Board certified patient advocate serving the southern part of Florida. I work with clients of all ages.

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Teri Dreher, RN CCRN iRNPA  Owner/CEO

Chicago and 50 mile radius around the city

Teri Dreher

Our company is the largest private professional advocacy company in Illinois; we employ Masters prepared RN's only with over 20 years of clinical experience who can advocate for very complex patients.

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Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Sand Diego County

Ferial Maghami, BCPA, RN, CCM

Private Patient Advocate available to assist individuals and families to manage their health care and all health insurance. Free Consultation-949.246.6098

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