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Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Patricia Dufour, RN
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The Westcoast of Florida, including Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch

Suncoast Patient Advocates was established out of a growing desire that my colleagues and I share to advocate for our patients, in the midst of a sometimes overwhelming and fragmented healthcare system.  Despite all the wonderful advances that medicine has made in recent decades, many times the patients themselves get lost in the system.

So often, healthcare providers don't have the time to fully explain to the patient what they need to know about their condition, necessary testing, test results, options for treatment,  possible outcomes, etc... That's where we come in!

We advocate for you, or your family member, bridging those gaps in the system, by:

  • Facilitating communication between patient and healthcare staff

  • Educating patient about questions that he/she should think of asking to Healthcare staff

  • Serving as a facilitator to communicate accurate medical updates to family, when needed

  • Preparing a “plan of action” in the event of a medical emergency or crisis

  • Providing researched information, about a new diagnosis, test or medication.

We do not make decisions for the patient. We believe in empowering people to have the information they need to make intelligent decisions for their own health.

We take on many roles, in our effort to advocate for our patients. We are Care managers, Mediators, Facilitators, Navigators, Investigators, Researchers, and sometimes, Negotiators.

All with the idea in mind, that patients are better off, when they are empowered to make their own health care decisions.  That is our passionate mission.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: Up to 2 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: Up to 2 years
Phone: 941-404-8514
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  • Patricia Dufour, president


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