The Educated Patient,LLC

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The Educated Patient,LLC
The Educated Patient,LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Jeanne V. Friedman BSN,RN,CLT-LANA,BCPA
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New York,NY and Metropolitan area. Tri-State Area. Please call for information regarding telephonic service out of this area.

Our healthcare system is incredibly difficult to navigate. There may seem to be endless options that can overwhelm the best of us. Or perhaps, you don't feel you have been presented with all the viable options to make a confident decision as to how to proceed whether regarding treatment, insurance or healthcare provider. Finally, the system provides little support for those who are ill ( their families or caregivers) and need it most! If you are exhausted from endless thought and worry regarding health issues you are not alone.

Jeanne V. Friedman BSN,RN, CLT-LANA, BCPA  of The Educated Patient, LLC New York, NY will help minimize these stressors to increase your sense of control and well being by providing individualized education, emotional support and personalized patient advocacy services to you, your family and/or loved ones including:

  • The establishment of trusting relationships with my clients to help ensure they receive the excellent comprehensive care and support they deserve
  • Navigation thru the healthcare maze including second opinions as necessary
  • Improving lines of communication with your healthcare team and helping you  better clarify the decisions related to diagnosis and/or potential complications
  • Individualized research and discussion of a complete range of integrative options to allow you to make the best possible informed decisions for yourself or loved ones
  • Helping to coordinate comprehensive care for and following clients with multiple complex health conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer's and mental illness
  • Support, guidance and assistance with geriatric and end of life issues
  • Providing personalized care, individualized attention and old fashioned support in an impersonal and overworked healthcare system
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: More than 5 years
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Phone: 914-645-9507
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  • The Educated Patient,LLC
  • The Educated Patient,LLC


Jeanne was extremely kind and generous with her time. She offered me insight into the workings of the hospital I was dealing with and feel confident I can negotiate my bill down to reasonable number. Highly recommended.
Jonathan | November 8, 2019
As a working parent, taking care of Mom best served by remaining in her beloved home during her later years with a progressive dementia is not an easy task by any stretch. Doctor appointment transport, meds management, grocery shopping, meals, housekeeping, one could go on. Add to this a heath care system that's nearly impossible to navigate, agencies under enormous physical pressures seemingly doing all they can to deflect your ability to call on benefits you've earned or paid for and clearly deserve, spending countless hours on the phones following up on correspondence, dealing with an arcane systems while attempting to carry on a normal busy life, Jeanne Friedman to the rescue. As a patient advocate, Jeanne has the knowledge, experience and fortitude to navigate through many of these major obstacles so you can breathe and feel confident you or your loved one is living the best possible of situations available. Couldn't have done it without Jeanne's remarkable caring persistence. Highly recommended.
Howard | September 23, 2019

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