The Lucky Hedgehog Company, Inc.

The Lucky Hedgehog Company, Inc.
The Lucky Hedgehog Company, Inc.
Ben Berlin

New York, New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Morris, Union, somerset, Hunterdon, Summit, Morristown, Florham Park, Chatham, Madison, Livingston, Tri-State

When facing a crisis, you need an ally in your corner whose allegiance is to you.      Peace of mind comes from knowing that you are not alone. We can be there – committed to your life choices and preferences. We will work diligently and persistently on your side.

Our work includes:

  • Preparation for medical appointments;
  • Collaboration and advocating for you before, during and after any hospitalization;
  • Working with you to carry out the hospital’s discharge plan or a plan of care devised by a home health care nurse.
  • Liaising for the care of a loved one in rehab, assisted living, or nursing home when the primary caregiver is unavailable;
  • Advocacy to resolve billing, claims, and insurance issues fairly and appropriately with minimal stress;

We can help you:

  • Reduce anxiety by preparing for appointments with an organized presentation of your health records and history;
  • Become empowered to ask the questions you need answered;
  • Explore the parameters of your insurance coverage so you can make an informed cost/benefit analysis and reduce costs;
  • Obtain second opinions advantageously;
  • Coordinate your care among multiple doctors and caregivers;
  • Schedule appointments and arrange transportation;
  • Harmonize authorized family communication and support;
  • Cope with caregiver burdens.

All of which will result in less stress for you.
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Ben has been so helpful. He helped arrange my home and implement technology solutions to accommodate my medical needs. He is always responsive to my calls. I suffer from memory loss and Ben is very patient with me.
Regina in Brooklyn | October 28, 2017
Ben Berlin is a very fine person. He helps me to think through my options and makes great suggestions. I know I can trust him to be there for me in the future.
Robyn in Queens, NY | October 28, 2017
Ben was on top of things immediately, communicated with me well, read all the fine print on the bill which I did not realize, and was able to negotiate a substantial reduction. He was courteous, connected, and on top of everything.
Zave in New York | October 28, 2017
Benjamin was open, honest and upfront with my options and was realistic with what I should expect. His communication was excellent and seemed extremely diligent in exploring all of my options and stuck with it until my billing was resolved and I was satisfied with what I thought was the best possible outcome. Benjamin acts in good faith and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others who are struggling with the mess of medical billing.
Fred in Brooklyn, NY | October 28, 2017

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The Lucky Hedgehog Company, Inc.



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