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United Medical Advocacy

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United Medical Advocacy
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: DAÑA BLANCO DOUGLAS, MD
City, State, or Location:

Tallahassee area
South Georgia

Daña Blanco Douglas, MD
Board Certified Patient Advocate and retired physician located in the Tallahassee, Florida area. We service the Panhandle area down to Gainesville, South Georgia and Southern Alabama. We have even worked in the Orlando and Tampa area.

As a retired physician I can translate the medical jargon to plain English to enable you to make an informed and educated decision. I also summarize and focus your concerns to better communicate with your healthcare team. We are also bilingual with fluency in Spanish.

As our population ages and our families are more spread out, we fill the gap for out of town family: navigating medical appointments, reporting to loved ones (as HIPPA allows), reviewing medications and setting medication plans, coordinating care with multiple providers and nursing facilities. We even coordinate with guardianship and elder care attorneys to the benefit of our clients.

We work only for you, not the hospital, or doctor, or the insurance company. Our allegiance is to you.
What is your peace of mind worth?

We also have an informative Facebook page at United Medical Advocacy with timely and educational posts.

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Phone: 850-745-4663
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