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Viveesa Private Healthcare Advocates

Viveesa Private Healthcare Advocates
Viveesa Private Healthcare Advocates
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Alicia Mascarenas
City, State, or Location:

Nationwide. Located in San Diego, California

All too often we go down the path of being overwhelmed with no resolution in sight. Hiring an independent healthcare advocate to guide you through this process is the first big step to regaining your life. A healthcare advocate is a hired professional who can ask questions, write down information so that appointment can be recapped, and speak up for you so you can better understand your illness and get the care and resources you need, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your recovery.

Some examples of how Private Healthcare Advocates help:

  1. Help medical professionals understand the complete healthcare situation and coordinating treatment to improve healthcare problems.
  2. Managing current medication and supplements are reviewed on a regular basis and are in line with proper healthcare regime. 
  3. Working with providers to find solutions that work for the patient.
  4. In some occasions when needed, going together to appointments and taking notes, bringing up important questions & making sure critical details aren’t overlooked.
  5. Taking plenty of time to explain healthcare conditions, treatments and overall care.
  6. Dealing with insurance, coverage questions, claims & billing.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: More than 5 years
For More Information:
Phone: 1-800-511-9616 or local 619-955-5970
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  • Viveesa Private Healthcare Advocates
  • Viveesa Private Healthcare Advocates
  • Viveesa Private Healthcare Advocates


The assistance we received from Viveesa was invaluable. Our insurance company canceled the policy when I turned 62 years old. In the interim I decided to await Medicare benefits when I turn 65. An emergency health situation arose and I needed to go to the emergency room. The bill was over $10,000 and they did little more than shoot me full of drugs and send me home telling me they didn’t know what was wrong with me. Through the help I received from Viveesa the bill was brought to 0 owed. I truly could have never navigated through the Palomar hospital system as exquisitely as Viveesa did on my behalf. Their communications were exceptional throughout the process. I will be working with them to set up my Medicare benefits in the coming months. 5+ stars to Viveesa!
Bob Short | January 14, 2020
My husband had a serious illness with some complications. The hospital system was very hard to navigate and he seemed to be getting sicker because of system failures (being shuttled between various specialists, hospital stays that didn't address the root problem, lack of coordination between the doctors, etc.). Alicia was wonderful, she is smart, knowledgeable, caring, and has excellent people skills. She took as much time as we needed, was available by phone pretty much round the clock for months at a time, she went with my husband to his doctor's appointments, and was very vigilant at the doctor's appointments to ensure he didn't get repeat medical tests and scans that had been already been done. It's very hard to keep track of all the things that happen in a medical facility when you're tired and stressed and it was a huge relief to have Alicia there to help us. She was also willing to help us with our billing and whatever questions we had. Because of Alicia, my husband's medical care became much more coordinated and focused on getting well rather than bouncing from hospital to specialist to new doctor. I really believe that it made a big difference in my husband's recovery. I highly recommend Alicia. I feel much better knowing that she is there to help us if we ever need her again. It\'s worth every penny. You think the medical system is there to help you, but it appears that there are competing interests that work against your care. Without someone there to help, it can really be overwhelming. I would not hesitate to use Alicia again.
Helen Levinsky | December 29, 2019
Alecia was literally a GOD SEND! She helped us through a very trying & difficult time in our life twice! She is a GO GETTER, she is confident, & knows what she is doing, and she got very good results for us during my husbands hospitalization! As they were trying to kick us out, she fought for us because she knew our rights! I highly recommend her service, as it gave me the time to focus on my husband & his last days, while she took care of & coordinated the hard stuff, dealing with insurance companies, case managers, doctors, etc. God truly led us to her to help us during this time so we could make the best choices for our loved one’s! I highly recommend her services! Well worth the money, you will not be disappointed in hiring her as your Advocate!
Geri Marquardt | December 28, 2019
Alicia was a Godsend when my father was in the hospital. We were so scared and felt overwhelmed and helpless up against a big hospital that was not acting in my father’s best interest. Hiring Alicia to communicate for us and get answers was the best money we spent. We may not have gotten the exact outcome we wanted - but we knew we had exhausted all possible options in the end- which brought us peace. Alicia was able to get things done we couldn’t and be in contact with doctors and people we couldn’t. We knew we had ground and documentation and in the end- we knew we had fought with all we had. Alicia was a comfort and a blessing to our family through the most difficult time of our lives and if my dad were still here - he would have said to her well done . Thank you Alicia. I would never hesitate to call you or recommend you to anyone needing an advocate - a person in their corner during these difficult times.
Sondra | December 28, 2019
Alicia is a MIRACLE WORKER!!! My brother's life depended on his Leukemia medication, and they just cut him off. Alicia advocated on our behalf with his providers and the pharmaceutical company that made the drug because he couldn't get anyone to say why his "LIFE SAVING" meds were being cut off. His insurance company and pharmaceutical company kept pointing fingers at each other while my brother's health deteriorated. Within weeks she got his medication approved and saved him over $30,000. Alicia is AMAZING. If you need help, CALL HER.
Devlin Elliott | December 19, 2019
My wife and I used Viveesa to help us utilize our company healthcare benefits. We have great healthcare benefits through the company I work for, however navigating them is a whole other job when both of us are working full time and neither of us had the time or energy to do so. We had multiple areas needing assistance, from seemingly the simplest of issues to the much more complex. Everything from doctor appointments to prescription coverage. We have three children and one son with Crohn’s disease. There were so many details that needed clarification or research, or both! We also needed special doctors and treatment that we had no idea were even available to us. Viveesa was amazing! They took our calls, returned our emails and were there for us at every turn. If we hadn’t used them, we would have either thrown our hands up or driven our company HR crazy!
Chris Komasa | December 18, 2019

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