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Celeste Tubman BSRN: Westside RN Private Patient Advocate LLC
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Celeste Tubman
City, State, or Location

Santa Monica, Venice, West Los Angeles, California

I am an RN experienced in intensive care medicine, geriatric management, rare diseases, hospice care, and patients with multiple chronic health issues. I’ve had my own business as a patient advocate in Santa Monica California since 2010 and adore my work. As your private advocate, I will assess your physical, emotional, and social issues, to facilitate decision making for all your acute, chronic, and preventive healthcare needs.

The patient and family can choose as needed from my range of services which include but is not limited to; researching the best doctors and treatments for your diagnosis, maintaining communication with all medical providers, accompanying you to doctor’s visits, obtaining support services as needed, educating you and selected family members about treatment options available to you, and planning preventative measures for your future.  I will be a constant support and a wealth of information to you and your family as you move from health crisis to wellness on the continuum of your own health trajectory.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
More than 10 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for
More than 10 years
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I am grateful for the care provided by Celeste during my mother’s long, slow, difficult and ultimately unsuccessful battle with congestive hart failure. Celeste kept track of all appointments, tests, treatments, therapies and was able to patiently translate highly technical medical issues in plain language to my mother’s extensive friend group. She also worked with my mother’s in-home caregiver, training her to be more capable and effective in meeting my mother’s increasingly complex needs over her long, slow an difficult decline. This was an extremely trying period, not just for my mother, but also for our family, my mother’s very large and intensely engaged friend group, and for those on the front line providing the care. Celeste was organized, clear-eyed, focused, compassionate and patient throughout.

Dan | February 19, 2022

Celeste has been a comfort for my wife (and me) as we were dealing with her mother’s deteriorating health issues and situation. Regardless of the particular circumstances, it is, at best, difficult to navigate this road on one’s own. Celeste has the sensitivity, knowledge, and emotional intelligence to comfort and shepherd clients through those inevitable and difficult times. While she capably understands the nuts and bolts of helping to manage all of the details, above all she considers and respectfully addresses the personal and emotional needs of all involved. She has been a godsend and a comfort and is truly dedicated to her clients’ best interests. I have no reservations highly recommending her. None better!

Abby Levine | January 20, 2022

Celeste has been there for me throughout treatment for breast cancer. She attended the initial meeting with my team of doctors. This was a very scary time. Celeste brought a calm and understanding of my diagnosis and treatment. It was difficult for me to process at that time. I could call her any time of the day for support and explanations. She is dedicated and authentic, a very special person to have beside you. She is a tremendous help in navigating the world of medical treatment.

Marlene | December 4, 2021

We hired Celeste mainly to attend and report back on doctor’s appointments with my mother who has early Alzheimer’s and we couldn’t be happier. Celeste is not only competent and truly professional vis-à-vis the healthcare providers, but also extremely caring and compassionate in her interactions with my mother. No matter how challenging a visit may be, Celeste always manages to somehow make it pleasant for her. Being 3000 miles away trying to manage a parent’s care is daunting to say the least, but knowing Celeste is onsite or close by to help provides enormous peace of mind. I can only highly recommend her.

Heidi Kummer | November 2, 2021

Celeste has been an advocate and medical advisor for my mother for over 5 years now, and has taken amazing care of her. My mother suffered a spinal cord injury after a fall, and has been unable to walk since. We moved her to LA to be close to family, and Celeste has helped us navigate her medical treatment, through ups and downs, always making sure she is getting the best care. But what’s most impressive is Celeste is able to effectively advocate without having to be overly aggressive or difficult with doctors and nurses (a problem we had with a patient advocate before her); she’s a true diplomat, always understanding, kind and patient with whomever she is dealing with. We are incredibly grateful for all her knowledge and guidance, and could not give a higher recommendation. I doubt there is anyone better in this business.

Grant Holland | October 21, 2021

Celeste probably saved my life when I had C-dif several years back. She is always there for me when I need it. Cheerful and professional. She was also our nurse advocate when my wife was ill with APBD, her idea to send my wife to a pool for walking added some 3 years to her life. We love Celeste.

Bill Macdonald | October 20, 2021

Very reliable 24hrs 7 days,
100% knows everything regarding the needs of the client and as a caregiver i learn a lot from her.

Sharon manalo | October 19, 2021

Celeste did a truly amazing job of taking care of me during the most challenging medical emergency/event of my lifetime —-> my Traumatic Brain Injury back in 2010. For months, Celeste helped guide me into the care of the best Physical Therapist possible so that I could learn how to walk again (and also simpler things like riding a bike again and driving again). Celeste explained the myriad of medications that I was instructed to take by hospital doctors and I really appreciated her detailed time & explanations in language I could understand. Then she also made sure I got connected into the care of the best local, neuropsychiatrist (former Brain Surgeon) to help with my complete recovery. Celeste as a Patient Advocate was the Quarterback helping put my best team together and helping me call the best plays toward daily progress and longterm success (return to complete health).

Drew Gerard | October 19, 2021

Very Professional Nurse, with passion, love and caring.

Charo Crisologo | October 18, 2021

Celeste distinguishes herself in several ways that have been very helpful to me. First of all, in a time when listening is a real rarity, she actually listens. And she’s actually interested in your well-being. If you don’t offer up enough information, she’ll quiz you. She maintains a calm, professional, and kind demeanor, but never shrinks from pressing our caregivers for thorough information on our behalf, and keeps the family informed. Continued education of health issues seems to be an important part of her practice. Health is a complex issue, and she’ll help you navigate to better outcomes.

RICHARD BEARD | October 18, 2021

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