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Woven Health Advocacy, LLC

Woven Health Advocacy, LLC
Woven Health Advocacy, LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Rachel Westlake
City, State, or Location:

Eureka, California; Humboldt Bay; Northern California; Nationwide

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Do you or someone you support…

• Need help understanding a new medical diagnosis?

Require hospitalization or a health care transition?

• Feel stressed or overwhelmed by health care complexities?

• Want someone to attend appointments with you?

• Need help understanding what your doctor has told you?

• Want to ease the burden on family during testing or treatment?

• Want to reduce the potential for medical errors?

• Feel unsure about what kind of health care to seek?

• Want to learn how to be a better advocate for yourself?

• Have interest in exploring ways to optimize your health?

Together we will find the services that best match your needs, comfort, health issues, and goals.

⇨ HEALTH AND WELLNESS GUIDANCE. Professional opinions about available healthcare options, including review of medical history, assistance in decision-making, protecting patient rights to an accurate diagnosis, recommending modalities of care and assisting in the selection of care providers and health teams.

⇨ PATIENT ADVOCACY. A highly experienced pair of eyes to assess and monitor the quality and attentiveness of care to limit practitioner errors and make sure treatments are appropriate and in the patient’s best interest.

⇨ RESEARCH. Services may include reviewing credible medical literature, searching for open clinical trials or alternative treatments relevant to your current or future care, a deep dive into your lab work or test results, and investigation and vetting of local or distance professionals that specialize in the care you need.

⇨ COACHING FOR SELF-ADVOCACY. Ongoing or need-specific education to build the skills necessary to communicate with practitioners, physicians, and care teams in the face of med-speak and unfamiliar health challenges.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: No Answer
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
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Phone: 707-345-1177
Advocate's Rating: (2)
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  • Woven Health Advocacy, LLC
  • Woven Health Advocacy, LLC


“I hired Rachel to work with my elderly father and step-mother beginning in February of 2020 (They are both in their late 80’s). Rachel was on top of things right from the start. My father took a very bad fall right before Rachel started seeing them. I can’t imagine how things would have turned out if she had not been there to help. She made my parents feel like a friend was coming to visit when she was there. Both of my parents frequently told me how much they enjoyed seeing and talking with her. I always received excellent communications and follow up from Rachel. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone thinking of hiring a health advocate for themselves or a loved one.” Skip, with parents in Eureka, California
Skip | September 18, 2020
My step-son suffered an anoxic brain injury and was hospitalized for weeks, much of the time in a coma in the ICU. After my step-son came out of the coma, Rachel helped him understand what had happened, what treatments he was receiving and why he needed them. She advocated for him when he needed medical treatments or when treatments/medications were not being delivered as ordered. In addition to advocating for his medical needs, Rachel also provided him a safe, supportive place to express the variety of emotions he was experiencing. Rachel also had the wisdom, insight, and compassion to recognize that my step-son was not the only person affected by his injury. In one of the darkest, most fearful, and stressful times of our lives, Rachel supported us, cared for us, encourgaged us. Just as valuable, Rached researched the type of injury my step-son had suffered, treatment options, steps in his recovery, etc., and explained that information to us clearly. She knew the questions that needed to be asked and informed us of that information prior to our meetings with the medical staff. Rachel is insightful, thoughtful, and a student of human behavior. She is an extremely dedicated individual who cares about others and, accordingly, treats people with respect. She understands the healing power of presence and the importance for patients to realize they are not alone in their journey to healing and recovery.
Cass | September 17, 2020

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