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Your GPS Doc, LLC
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Nicole Rochester, MD
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Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia (in-person services); Nationwide

Caring for an ill or aging loved one is one of the HARDEST jobs in the world! I know because I was a caregiver to my dad for three years. I remember being overwhelmed as I tried to juggle work, parenting, marriage, and caring for my dad. I was frustrated with his medical providers and our terribly broken healthcare system. Despite being a physician and an “insider”, it was still difficult to navigate. I began to notice that my medical knowledge and professional influence allowed me to advocate effectively for my dad to ensure he received the medical care he needed and deserved. Now I do that for my clients!

If you need help understanding and interpreting medical jargon, communicating effectively with the physicians and other members of the healthcare team, ensuring your family member is receiving the best available medical care, understanding health insurance benefits, or locating reputable nursing homes and home health providers, I’d love to work with you.

As a former family caregiver, I have a very unique background and perspective that allows me to relate easily to my clients and advocate for their needs with compassion and empathy. Most importantly, I treat every client as if they were a member of my own family.

I am located in Maryland and provide in-person services (upon request) to the DC/MD/VA area. I also provide remote services throughout the country. I’d love to help you!

To schedule a 30-minute complimentary consult call, go to Take the first step to improve your loved one’s health and regain your peace of mind.

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More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
2 to 5 years
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I contacted Dr. Rochester after deciding I could no longer bear the pain and choosing to get a total knee replacement in November 2020. By that time hospitals had perfected protocols to mitigate the spread of Covid – 19 and PPE supplies were adequate. But, I was very concerned that the home health agency that would supply my in-home physical therapist would have adopted all safety measures. Dr. Rochester quickly grasped my discomfort and researched Medicare approved home health care agencies in my area, producing a detailed report on each of the top three. Further, she conveyed my choice to the hospital case worker responsible for arranging my at home pt. On the day of discharge, instead of being presented with a list of agencies from which to choose a pt provider, the case manager came to my room and said, “I’ve spoken to your Patient Advocate. Everything is all arranged.” Those two sentences eloquently summarize the invaluable service that Dr. Rochester provided.

Jeannette | December 10, 2020

Dr. Rochester came to the rescue when we had an employee who was hospitalized with COVID-19. The family and patient were struggling to communicate his needs to the hospital staff, and our company wanted to support the employee with the best care possible. Within 12 hours, the employee’s family was singing Dr. Rochester’s praises and indicated that the hospital staff immediately responded to Dr. Rochester’s inquiries and suggestions, creating a vastly different experience for the employee and his family. We cannot recommend her enough!

Nicole Crowley | June 11, 2020

We had to engage Dr Rochester’s services at a particularly difficult time for our family. Dr Rochester was able to step in as a professional advocate, holding our medical providers accountable without being adversarial or confrontational. We appreciated her comprehensive updates on a regular basis and her distillation of the facts was very helpful for us as laypeople.

Ngoni Murandu | April 14, 2020

We were referred to Dr Rochester by Dr Dean of Moral Injury of Healthcare. At the point Dr Rochester entered the picture, my cousin was on life support in ICU having been admitted a month prior with a very minor health concern. My family had spent that month fighting to get her in a facility that could accommodate both her physical and mental health. Dr Rochester was able to come into this complicated situation and immediately start out lining the areas of her care that we needed to focus on. She would provide in depth navigator notes at the end of each day that would allow us to better communicate with the physician’s and administration. Not only did she help guide us in the medical jargon but she also pushed back on the hospital administration when they tried to infringe on HIPAA rights. It was ultimately Dr Rochester’s pressure on the hospital for its lack of neurological care which prompted the transfer. The day of the transfer, my cousin, was unresponsive on life support. The doctor had told me earlier that she had hypoxic brain injury and “don’t pretend she understands what you are saying.” After 6 weeks of languishing in a hospital that had no interest seeing her leave, she was lucid and sitting upright within 24 hours. 3 weeks later she was released home. That was definitely not the outcome we were preparing for but it was the one we prayed for.

Stacey Renee Coats | March 9, 2020

Dr. Rochester has been so helpful in navigating a very difficult situation and an even more unhelpful medical team at the hospital my mother was placed into. She was very responsive and punctual. Absolutely would recommend working with her, even for just peace of mind. Love her!!!

Hailee Beltzhoover | February 24, 2020

Sometimes you have to make an investment in sound expertise and a peace of mind. My investment was seeking Dr. Rochester’s expertise and time when needing support with switching my father’s health insurance plan. Especially when I realized the research process had the potential to stress me out and knowing that trying to figure the health plan system out was going to take far more time than we had. After a CNA with Dr. Nicole, she responded back within a short time with her health plan recommendations and helped walk me through them. I highly recommend Dr. Rochester to support you with you or your family member’s needs.

Kathryn C. Boxill | February 10, 2020

My family used Dr. Rochester’s able assistance dealing with my wife’s illness in the summer of 2019. It was a great help having her on the team to navigate and advise us through the complicated medical treatment. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone needing a medical advocate.

Ken Smyth | January 16, 2020

I had the opportunity to use Dr. Rochester’s services for my mother earlier this year. I have to say, not only did she provide the best services I have ever experienced, it was a relief to know my mother was in good hands. I really wish I had known Dr. Rochester during my caregiving days with my father before his death, services like are so needed for any caregiver who is dealing with a loved one’s health.

Rayna Phillips | December 16, 2019

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