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Zarnah Women’s Healthcare Consulting

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Zarnah Women’s Healthcare Consulting
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name:
Stephanie Muzzin
City, State, or Location:

Charlottesville, Virginia / Nationwide

Zarnah Women’s Healthcare Consulting is located in Charlottesville, Virginia and works with patients nationwide.

We specialize in advocating for patients by untangling and demystifying medical bills and health insurance.  We have extensive experience in the specific types of services provided to women, including how services should be compliantly coded and billed in order for claims to be processed correctly by health insurance payors and for patients to receive accurate bills for their financial responsibility.

For any incorrect charges at the billing level, or incorrectly processed claims, we have the ability to communicate with billing staff and health insurance companies to rectify the issues.  For need-based financial assistance, we help patients tap into resources that may help to offload the financial burden of healthcare costs.  We can help patients appeal adverse decisions and create Letters of Medical Necessity as requested by health insurance payors.  Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that your medical service charges are accurate, your health insurance carrier paid per your policy, and that you are billed appropriately for services received.

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2 to 5 years
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More than 10 years
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  • Zarnah Women’s Healthcare Consulting
  • Zarnah Women’s Healthcare Consulting
  • Zarnah Women’s Healthcare Consulting


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