Profile FAQs, How-Tos, and Troubleshooting

If you want a more in-depth understanding of how our AdvoConnection Profiles work, or how to troubleshoot a problem you’re having, you can find that information here.

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• I got interrupted before I finished my profile, and now all my information is gone!

Yes, unfortunately, the system can’t hold on to information that you haven’t saved, and the only way to save it is to hit the CONTINUE TO PAYMENT button at the bottom of the form.

You’ll need to start again, but it’s easy to do by logging in again.

If you are editing your profile (it has already been completed at least one time, and approved by the admin) then save changes by hitting the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom.

• I am NOT a fan of those ratings stars!  How can I get rid of them?

You can’t get rid of them. We have no way to keep them in place for some, but not for others.

Patients and searchers love them, and it’s for this reason we made the decision to keep the ratings system. Further, because so many of our members had such great testimonials in the old system, we needed a way to include them in the new Profiles site, and this is the tool that was available to us.

Make them work for you!  See below for help: How to Ask for Reviews and Endorsements

• One of my clients told me she submitted a review / endorsement, but I don’t see it on my listing.

Testimonials are added every day or two, so if you don’t see one, check back tomorrow.

We check them all, then publish them, as follows:

  1. First we make sure the testimonial has been submitted by someone other than you, the advocate, by comparing IP addresses. We want only bona fide testimonials!
  2. Once we have compared the IP addresses, we publish 5-star, positive comments. You will receive an email informing you when one has been published.
  3. If the review is not 5 stars, or is questionable in any way, we will forward the review / endorsement to you for your approval. If you approve it, then we add it to your listing.

•  I earned my BCPA (Patient Advocate certification) but I don’t see how to add that logo to my listing.

All BCPA bullets are added by the AdvoConnection staff.  If you have earned your BCPA and would like that bullet added to your listing, please make that request after your profile is completed and live.

 Login screenshotHOW TOs

• How to List Your Profile on This Site  Find instructions here.

• How to Change Your Password on the Profiles Site

  1. The password reset uses the same steps as if you lost your password.
  2. Go to the Log in page:  Click on “Lost Your Password?” (see blue arrow at right)
  3. Fill in your username or your email address and the reset link will be sent to you.
  4. Put your new password into the reset form – then login again from the link in #2 above.

•  How to Improve the Chances a Potential Client Will Contact You Maximize Your AdvoConnection Directory Listing

•  How to Maximize Your Profile for Search Engines (SEO): Optimizing for Search Engines

•  How to Make Sure a Searcher Can Find You with Your Name or Company Name

Be sure to include names and company names, including variations on spellings (Trisha, Tricia, Patricia) in your keywords section.

How to Make Sure More People Find Your Listing

Webinar:  Improving Your AdvoConnection Directory Listing

Free email course:  Create a Winning Listing to Attract More Clients

•  How to Ask for Reviews and Endorsements

  1. Review and Endorsements can be added right on your profile page.  Link to your page, and scroll toward the bottom; you’ll see the form right there.
  2. Once you have completed your work with a satisfied client, send them a follow up thank you email and ask them to provide a review on your site. Here are instructions.
  3. Please note:  just because they submit them doesn’t mean they will just show up. 5-star reviews will show up as soon as we approve them (up to 24 hours). If they are fewer than five stars, then AdvoConnection Admin will forward them to your approval first. With your approval, they will show up on your profile.

•  How to Add the BCPA Logo to Your Listing

All BCPA bullets are added by the AdvoConnection staff.  Those who showcase their BCPA rank higher in search results. If you have earned your BCPA and would like that bullet added to your listing, please make that request after your profile is completed and live.



• How can I be sure to show up at the top of the Search Results?

The directory “find” function is set up to do a few things:

  1.  Advocates in any given zip code who have earned their BCPA will show up higher in results that those who are in the same zip code, and have not reported their BCPA certification. (Learn more about certification here.)
  2. After BCPA certified members are listed, results are randomized within the same geographic location.

Within those parameters, there are a few things you can do to help move you to the top:

  1. You can control some of your ability to be at the top of the search by using good keywords and a description in your listing. If you have taken the time to create your profile from the patient or caregivers point of view, you have a better chance of ending up at the top.
  2. When a profile has been recently updated, it moves closer to the top. (It may or may not end up on top, depending on the information the searcher used to search.)
  3. All profiles rotate with each search to ensure everyone shows up at the top on occasion, so sometimes you’ll end up at the top just because. 🙂

• I see Reviews and I see a place for Star Ratings, but they don’t all show up on my site. How does the system work?

The reviews area will be used for testimonials received from your clients. You cannot add them yourself; your client will submit them (see “How to Ask for Reviews and Endorsements”, above)

Once you have three (3) ratings from clients, then they will begin to show up as stars on your listing.


Your membership/directory listing includes one location and 5 service categories. It is set up this way because our memberships are for individuals, not companies. Therefore, each directory listing is intended to represent one individual doing advocacy work.

However, we want to help you grow your capabilities, and we want you to be able to reflect that in the directory.  So we have developed add-on options for two circumstances:

  • if you have expanded your capabilities, and you want your practice to have a directory presence in more than one location (additional cities, states, or provinces)
  • if you contract with others to perform services that run through your company’s administration (subcontractors or employees) so that you need more than those 5 service categories.

Here are your options:

Additional Locations

Your first location is covered with your membership
and recurs each year you renew.

$50 per additional location
(per zip or postal code)

One time charge*
(Does not recur, as long as you maintain your membership)

Each location can be tailored to the specific area you choose, including keywords, descriptions, email, and phone.  (Additional locations are set up as additional listings so the first additional will be a second listing, a second additional will be a third listing, etc.)

Link here to add locations.

Additional Service Categories

Your first 5 categories are covered with your membership
and recur each year you renew.

• 1 additional category = $25*

• 2 additional categories = $35*

• 5 additional categories = $50
plus $10 for each additional*

• All categories (18) = $100 total additional*

One time charge*
(does not recur, as long as you maintain your membership)

Categories are added to your current listing.
(See a master list of categories below.)

Link here to add categories.

*Once paid, additional fees are not refundable.

Master List of Profile Categories

You may choose up to five (5) categories for your listing. If you would like to use more than five, please see these instructions.

A. Medical / Navigation Assistance (Helping you work with your medical providers)
B. Hospital Bedside, or Travel / Accompaniment to Appointments
C. Medication Reviews: Prescription Drugs, over-the-Counter, Supplements
D. Geriatric / Eldercare or Home Health Services
E. Integrative, Holistic, Complementary, Alternative Therapies
F. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assistance
G. Pain Management
H. Health Insurance – Choices and Review
I. Medical Billing or Insurance Claims, Denials: Review, Reduction, Negotation
J. Disability (SSDI and others) and Long Term Care Claims and Filings
K. Guardianship / Conservatorship / Fiduciary Care
L. Legal Assistance related to health or medical care
M. Mediation (Helping families manage healthcare-related disagreements)
N. End of Life Decisions, Advance Directives, Planning and Paperwork
O. Dental Advocacy
P. Prevention and Wellness Coaching, exercise, diet, weight loss, prescription drug reviews
Q. Pregnancy, Birth, Pediatric Assistance
R. Medical Tourism
S. Other (see listing description)

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