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• Category and Plan Selection
Click in the middle of the box and the categories will drop down. Choose one. Then click in the box again to choose a second one, and so forth. You may choose up to 5 categories for your listing. (If you would like more categories, you can add them later.)

• Your Fee Plan
Choose +ADL Listing Fee. Do NOT Choose “Certified” +ADL Advocate even if you are certified because your coupon code won’t work. (We will update your certification status once you are listed). If you don’t choose the right fee plan, then your coupon code will not work correctly. Ignore the price on it. (The price is only to prevent non-APHA members from creating directory profiles.)

If you are editing your profile, then your Fee Plan has already been determined, so you can ignore this box.

• Listing Information
Most is self-explanatory – be sure to read the hints for each field. Find additional help for some fields below.

• Location
Include your state or province, and the city or town you live in. Also include other names your area is known by like ‘Tri-Cities area” or “Central Counties”.

• Keywords and Key Phrases
These are the words search engines will use to find you. Use words like your niche (if you have one), your location, or any specialty words that will distinguish you from others that someone seeking help will use to search for you. Important!  Include your name here, including spelling variations (Trisha, Tricia, Patricia) and your company name. If someone has heard your name, this is how they will find you.

Note! Limit 150 characters including spaces. Use commas between each word or phrase. Be sure to use these in your Long and Short Descriptions found above, too. (The character limit isn’t ours – it’s Google’s limit.)

• URL and “Link Text”
Your URL is your web address. “Link text” means you can use different words as the link, such as “Jane’s Website” or “Link to my webpage.” Link text is optional and is better left blank.

• Zip or Postal Codes:  Important! Only ONE 5-digit (6 in Canada) code! If you add more than one, or any other text, then none will work. Double check for accuracy. If you would like to add more locations (more zip codes) you can do so later.)

Link here to the Logo Bank.

• Images
This is where you add your headshot and your logo. You can choose which one you would like at the top, left. The others will appear below your description.

Include certifications you have earned, other organizations you belong to, the Health Advocate’s Code logo, or others as you see fit. Find many of these in the Logo Bank.

Note: Do not add your Spotlight or Schueler Award logos – AdvoConnection Admin will add those for you.

If you have trouble with images, please send them to us and we will resize them and add them for you:

Need Logos?

We’ve added the most frequently used logos for other organizations and certifications to our Logo Bank, found here.

Note:  you may NOT use the BCPA (Board Certified Patient Advocate) logo yourself. This is added later by the AdvoConnection staff.

Need Additional Help?

Find Profile FAQs, How-Tos, and Troubleshooting

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